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Kingsway is a streetwear brand based out of Toronto they are a luxury brand who firmly believes in diversity and community which they portray in each of their collections. Their primary focus is apparel but they also carry a small variety of accessories which are unique in style and limited quantities.


They had previously been around for 1 year with limited marketing and content before we took it over. The goal very quickly became to grow an online community that is true to their brand. We wanted to give consumers a feel of what the brand is about through new content which would help grow brand awareness, and a strong online presence. The goal was to create new visuals backed up by their product to show consumers what their brand was all about.

Content Creation

Content Creation


Along with the new website design, part of the challenge was to incorporate the current JS Batt Less branding to fit throughout various pages. When it came to implementing the logo, it was clear that it was also in need of a rebrand. With this in mind, a logo was created to solve the task of having a recognizable icon alongside the Batt Less wordmark to allow for a bit more flexibility in use. This idea is what created the initial design, focusing on having something that is simple and readable at different sizes. The initial design was received well, but the client wanted to move away from an actual “battery cell”, to describe the product. Through ideation, we arrived at the current design, which takes cues from a transmission/engine indicator you might see on a car dashboard, and incorporates the “JS'' word mark. This pairs with their current bolded font to retain some of i’ts original design, while modernizing the brand and allowing for different variations of use throughout the website and other mediums.

Content Creation

Instagram & Facebook : We increased their weekly visits by 3x to 500-600 visits a week. Making over 2000 unique visitors a month. We had incorporated on both platforms a shop integration which increased sales and conversion by 30%.We also grew their following by 5x! on average 300 new followers a month!

Sales : We had increased their conversion rate from their prior ads and increased their sales x3 with some optimization. Having an ad budget of $5 000/ month resulted in over $15K in sales almost having over 3x ROAS.