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Dreamstar, is a well-established and reputable manufacturer that was founded in 1996 in Toronto, Ontario. Their 24+ years of experience and hard work has made them one of Canada's largest bedding manufacturers. Now suppliers to many brick-and-mortars around you as well as big box stores such as Walmart.


DreamStar was looking to increase their brand awareness and strengthen their online presence. They have operated with limited marketing in the past but were ready to take it to the next level. We really wanted to give the brand a face lift with an updated look across the site and socials. We wanted to connect on a personal level as well as to give viewers an inside look into the facility, to see how things work behind the scenes especially since it's all made in house out of Toronto. The overall goal became to give the brand an updated look across their site, socials, designs and photos.


LinkedIn : With no prior presence or engagement we have organically gotten the account to 6k impressions a month & 80-100 new followers a month. We organically get about 200 unique link clicks per month just from LinkedIn.

Instagram & Facebook : We have x3 their weekly visits within the quarter now averaging 250-300 weekly visits. This adds up to over 1000 unique visitors per month.

Sales : Within just 3 months organically with no paid ads we have gotten them over $10 000 worth of conversions. This has led to new contracts and long term relations which we continue to pursue and grow.