How to steal followers

Moe Elzaineb

October 14, 2020
5 min read

One of the many benefits of Instagram aside from posting pictures and communicating with friends is the endless networking, commercial, and marketing opportunities. With a few strategies you can make your brand larger than it ever was before. The strategy we are going over today is to help you grow your following, we like to call it “Stealing Followers”

We all want a large following and to grow our audience especially if we have our own brand offering a product or service. Other successful companies didn't just blow up and make it overnight, a lot of hard work was put into supporting their vision and business. Whether it be their product, their personality, feed layout or maybe even what the brand stands for, either way people liked it and hit that follow bottom.

Well we have a way for you guys to speed up the process without faking it till you make it, no bots, no follow for follow, no fake scheme. This strategy will give you organic traffic and help you grow your following with the niche you want, all while making sure to cater to your target market.

If you are ready for this simple but effective strategy.. Keep on reading!

To start off you have to identify large accounts within your industry it could be brands or even influencers, someone who has a similar product or service to you but is the top player in the industry. The easiest way to do this is by actually figuring out and creating a list of who your competitors are and other accounts who you wish to be like. The reason you want to follow them is that it is an opportunity for you to use them to stay on top of trends, give you inspo and even get you insight into how these larger brands are marketing their products.

The second step is going to be to analyze their content, see what type of content they are putting out, see what type of hashtags, location tags and even gifs, they are using, that you can implement into your marketing strategy. Now you can search these hashtags as well on Instagram or use a programs like “Webstagram” that gives you insight into the usage of the tags.

Once you have found out which hashtags are most effective you can implement it to your content and search others tags, like and respond to users who are also using it, to show a sense of common relatability. This method has been proven to receive higher follow backs as they are your direct target market who are more likely to engage with you.

Thirdly you want to leave a meaningful comment, this step is the most important. Those accounts you followed as inspo and who are doing better than you, well their following is your direct niche and audience. So what I want you to do is leave a 2-4 line comment, something that is either positive or even better a conversation starter that gets people interested and replying to your comment on their posts. This will first make your account more recognised and become familiar as well as more importantly now organically cause a chain reaction of driving people to check out your page. Now that you have this organic traffic on your page, if you are doing other things right and have engaging content and a visual feed. They will be more likely to follow and engage with you, since they are your direct target market.

Now the Last step is rinse and repeat, the more time you put in to figure out which accounts to analyze and follow, which hashtags to use and leaving relevant comments the more followers you will get. Stay consistent, keep on top of new accounts and trends. Make sure you do quality over quantity and the more time you spend engaging with accounts the better your results will become. Good Luck

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Moe Elzaineb

October 14, 2020
5 min read